Vegas is a neon splash of colour in the middle of Nevada's dustbowl landscape. Isolated by hundreds of miles of desert it feels like it is divorced from the rest of the United States, and seemingly from reality.

Getting here is part of the experience. It is a pilgrimage to the American Dream and, amidst its undoubted debauchery and tackiness, Las Vegas epitomises the Dream like nowhere else. Everyone in this amazing city is made equal. Presidents dance with disco queens and Hollywood legends serve burgers.

Las Vegas can make you or break you at the flick of a card, the roll of a dice or the random crank of a handle. But wealth is only a part of the dream. Vegas encapsulates everything it is to be American - its heroes and villains, its virtues and vices.

Here Elvis and Sinatra are alive and well, and forever young. Venice, the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids are merely a cab ride away from each other except bigger, brighter and, in that case, better than the originals.

Suspend your disbelief and plunge through the silver screen into the living movie that is Vegas - it's here to entertain you.

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