Australia's Gold Coast city, the azure waters of the warm Pacific reflect Brisbane's sparkling charms. This laid back settlement sprawls along the East Coast and then meanders along the Brisbane River, just like the loose-limbed surfers and sun-worshippers who laze on the city beaches.

Less cosmopolitan than Sydney and less self-conscious than Melbourne, Brisbane is very much an Australian town. It is actually the third largest settlement in the whole of Australia, but that is hard to believe when you're in the place. The compact centre is home to modern high rises but as you explore further along the river and into the parks that surround the city you'll find yourself with plenty of space to stretch your legs and enjoy the near perfect climate.

The city has increasingly become more aware of its natural attractions, the Commonwealth Games of 1982 gave Brisbane a major boost on the international stage and began its transition from country town to major urban centre, and is now one of Australia's major business centres.

You will find plenty of remnants from Brisbane's past with buildings dating back to the early twentieth century. Venture further out and you'll find yourself in a lush greenbelt, or at the Gold Coast with 70kms of golden beaches.

The inner suburbs are where Brisbane is at its most charming. The South Bank of the river is becoming a trendy area of caf├ęs, bars and restaurants, and the city sub-centres such as Paddington show the city at its laid back best, perfect for browsing away the balmy days.

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Castlemaine Brewery
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