Tripsmart planned our most memorable European holiday in July 2013. We visited Switzerland and France the two most romantic and beautiful countries. Our trip was very well planned especially the flights which were very convenient and the choice of airlines was superb. Our hotels were very comfortable and located adjacent to the train stations for ease of transportation. The children had a fantastic time especially at the Disneyland in Paris. All our train journeys were also pre-booked on Rail Europe by Tripsmart which was indeed a wonderful experience. Thanks Tripsmart for an enjoyable and unforgettable vacation.
Mandeep Singh
We took a beautiful family holiday to Phuket and Bangkok in June 2013. Our vacation was perfectly planned by Tripsmart. The flights were very convenient and the choice of Hotels was excellent. The sightseeing trips and transfers from the airport were also very well arranged. The whole family enjoyed this vacation thoroughly. Thanks Tripsmart for these fond memories.
Jaspreet Bahri
Tripsmart planned a wonderful anniversary holiday to Maldives for me and my wife in June 2013. We had an amazing time and enjoyed the Sheraton Full Moon Resort. We enjoyed the water sports, the cuisine and the relaxing time spent together making for a very memorable anniversary. Thanks Tripsmart for a delightful holiday and looking forward to many more in future.
Deepak Handa
We traveled to Singapore on our Honemoon in May 2013. Our trip was very well planned by Tripsmart. The choice of Hotel was excellent as it was both comfortable and conveniently located. The best part of our trip was the 2 Days Cruise on Super Star Virgo which was an amazing experience. The sight seeing was very well organised and we had the most wonderful time. Thanks Tripsmart for every thing.
Vinay Malhotra
Thanks to Tripsmart for planning a most wondeful holiday for me and my family. We visited the most beautiful places in Australia starting from Cairns, Townsville, Hamilton Island and Sydney in May/June 2013. The accommodation was provided in very comfortable 2 bedroom apartments, the itinerary was very well planned and all transportation was arranged including Queensland Rail , Greyhound Buses and within city travel on Virgin Australia. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday.
Subrat Nayar
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